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What is Cazbak?

Cazbak came to existence with a very simple idea of making online shopping in India as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Cazbak has partnered with hundreds of top online stores in India to guarantee an amazing shopping experience for you. The idea behind Cazbak is very simple – You earn cash back rewards from all your purchases made at our partner online stores. This is how it works behind the scenes - Every time you shop at any online store across India using Cazbak, we earn commission from the store. Instead of keeping all the money with us, we pass on a major chunk to you as cash back so that you can earn more and save more while you're shopping. Also, you can combine special offers, coupon codes and deals with your cash back purchases to enjoy double discounts. Experience it yourself - The amount you can save from a few online purchases will be unimaginable and surprising. read more...

We call it Cash Back - You can simply call it Money!

  • I couldn't believe when I received my first cash back reward check from Cazbak!!.....what a terrific way to service the online community!!
    - Apurva Shah, Maysore
  • Cazbak is a website for savvy shoppers that is fun and easy to use!
    - Shikha A., Kochi
  • It really works! Easy to use, easy to withdraw, no hassle. Making life a little bit cheaper!!
    - Sahera Qureshi, Mumbai
  • I tell everyone about Cazbak.in. The deals, Cash Back and best coupon codes are organized in one place for me!
    - Prashant Deshmukh, Ajmer
  • Cazbak has changed the way I think about shopping, spending, and saving. I can never imagine paying full price for something again!
    - Kabir Upadhyay, Kolkata
  • Cazbak is more than a deal site. Its a place where people transform themselves into a smart and savvy shopper. A great site.
    - Pankaj Kahapali, Bangalore
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