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  • CA6140 CA6240 Lathe Machine
  • CA6140 CA6240 Lathe Machine
  • CA6140 CA6240 Lathe Machine
  • CA6140 CA6240 Lathe Machine
  • CA6140 CA6240 Lathe Machine

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The main performance characteristics:

1  Machine tool head box and bed, tailstock, Supporting plate, etc. the combination of surface between manual scraping, machine to undergo a rigorous inspection, effectively ensure the machine tool accuracy and stability.,live-tennis-betting

satta-all,2  Machine adopts high strength cast iron, copper and chromium special materials are added, the bed width 400mm, bed rail quenching depth up to 4mm, effectively improves the abradability and stability of the machine.

3  The machine tool bed head box lubrication uses the pump to carry on the circulation forced lubrication, in view of the south hot weather, has guaranteed the bed head box cleanliness and the heat radiation characteristic, has effectively extended the bearing and gear's service life.,england-cricket-team-all-wicket-keeper

espn-login,4  Wafangdian Bearing is used in machine tool spindle, the spindle through hole diameter 80mm, machine tool gear with precision grinding, can effectively improve the hardness of the gears, to reduce noise of the machine.

5  Machine tool uses the domestic brand lead screw, the silk mother uses the high quality bronze alloy to guarantee the wear-resisting property and the precision maintenance.,pokerstars-app-download-android

6  The machine adopts high strength four station turret shank size: 25x25mm.,ilkel-tennis


1  CA series ordinary horizontal lathe is used to turning internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface, and other rotating surface, turning various metric and inch, modulus and pitch thread, and the pitch diameter of the thread and pull the drilling and oil tank etc., is general very strong horizontal lathe, Widely applicable batch processing of various shaft and disc parts.,betfair-betting

basketball-player-with-glasses,2  The series lathe bed width in general lathe, 400mm rail width has higher stiffness, rail surface by intermediate frequency quenching, wear-resistant durable.

3  Handy machine operator concentration, slide plate is provided with a quick moving mechanism. Using single handle operation, humanization.,royalpanda-login

4  The rigidity of the machine tool structure and the transmission stiffness are higher than the general lathe, the power utilization rate is high, which is suitable for the strong cutting.,basketball-background-free

5  Before leaving the machine tool factory, the machine tool is tested strictly according to the inspection procedure, and the machine tool is tested to ensure that the machine tool has good stability and reliability.,volleyball-serve-hand-signals


Product main technical parameters:

SpecificationsCA6140 CA6140BCA6240 CA6240B
Max. Swing over bed400mm
Max. Swing over carriage210mm
Max. swing in gap--630mm
Effective gap length--210mm
Max. length of work piece750mm/1000mm/1500mm/2000mm/2200mm/3000mm/4000mm
Width of bed400mm
Section of turning tool25x25mm
SpindleSpindle speeds10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24steps)
Hole through spindle52mm. (80mm)
Spindle taperNO.6(Φ90 1:20)[Φ113 1:20]
FeedNumber of feeds64 kinds(for each)
Range of metric threads(kinds)(1-192mm)44kinds
Range of inch threads(kinds)(2-24tpi)21kinds
Range of module threads(kinds)0.25-48 (Moduie39kinds)
Range of  pitch threads(kinds)1-96DP(37kinds)
TailstockMax. tail stock spindle travel150mm
Tail stock spindle diameter75mm
Taper of tail stock spindle center holeNO.5
Main motor7.5KW(10HP)
Packing dimensions (L*W*Hmm)Overall dimensions for750mm2550x1140x1750
Overall dimensions for1000mm2700x1140x1750
Overall dimensions for1500mm3200x1140x1750
Overall dimensions for2000mm3700x1140x1750
Overall dimensions for2200mm4030x1140x1750
Overall dimensions for3000mm4850x1140x1750
Overall dimensions for4000mm5800x1140x1750
Weight (kg)LengthG.W  N.W.
Weight for 750mm2100  1990
Weight for 1000mm2190  2070
Weight for 1500mm2350  2220
Weight for 2000mm2720  2570
Weight for 2200mm2800  2600
Weight for 3000mm3300  3200
Weight for 4000mm3500  3400

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